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Question from Sigbjoern Vigeland, Arendal, Norway: Me and my wife owns, since summer 1998, the Vindoe 50, Isabella. She is production number 615, I believe, due to the numbers stamped in all floorboards. She is built in 75 and in fairly good shape. She needs new mizzen and main, some upgrading in sailhandling equipment. She also leaks some drops of water outside of the pipe for the rudder stock. I'm not quite sure how I should be able to repair this. It's not an alarming amont, but If some of the readers have some good ideas, I would be more than happy to hear about it.


From Ludo Dom, Belgium:
What a wonderful discovery,to find a page dedicated to the most wonderful sailingboats. I own and have renovated a Vindo 40, 1979, which I completely took apart and renovated with respect to the spirit of perfection these boats have built by.
I am looking at selling this boat, if I can find a bigger Vindo to renovate. I'm looking for a Vindo 65, center cockpit- ketch version, irrespective of the state she is in.
Unfortunately I don't have E-mail access at home, so you will have to contact me by regular mail or telephone
Ludo Dom
Hoogstraat 21/7, 2000 Antwerp-Belgium
00 32-496-86.23.11 or Spain; 649210976


 Question from Sigbjoern Vigeland, Arendal, Norway: It does not look like I'm getting any hint regarding the leak, around the rudder stock pipe. I'm now about to launch her for the summer. Here is a description of what I have done to try to cure the problem. I bought a coned "Dremel" bit, and groved the GRP around the pipe from the outside. I took Sikaflex and pressed into the grove. With the finger first dipped in soapy water, do not dillute much, and pressed the sikaflex further into the groove. Hopefully this will cure the leak. If not I will eleborate further on a plan on pressurize epoxy and try to saturate the GRP aorund the stock by drilling narrow holes all the way through the GRP into the pipe.

I did find a crack in the Gelcoat along the seem of the two halves the hull initially was made of. Is there known any problems with the gluing together of the two halves. I grinded away gelcoat on the outside and apllied epoxy and mat, three layers. When the tempearture increases I will do the same on the inside. On this last topic, Im very interested to get a feedback. Not that I belive that the boat disintegrates, but to get some Ideas of anybody having knowledge of how the two hull halves initially was made one. Because I'm very convinced that the hull is laid up in two halves, or am I wrong??


Question from Werner Goebels, Germany: I'm the owner of a Vindö-65 mix since 4 years now. I bought the yacht in south of Spain and brought her through the channels (Rhone, Soane, Chanal d'est, Moselle) up to Germany. As the Boat was not in the best state, I'm since then still trying to overhaul her, but you know the day only has 24 hours an so I'm not very far gone yet. I'm very pleased to find a site in the internet of similar interests.

Actually I'm trying to find as much information of this type of boat as possible. Specially, how other people install heaters, fridge and so on.

Also I'm having a problem with the deck, which is practically a shower. I'm now taking the teak off, shave it down to 8 mm, glue 3 mm plywood on the deck and put the teak on the plywood. But this time no screw, just sikaflex, which is a type of silikon (not actually silikon, but i forget the chemical name of it). Has anybody in this circle ever done it?


Question from Harri Korpela, Finland:

Problems in the installation of a new Volvo Penta MD 2020 into Vindo 32 model 1978

The original MD7A engine was replaced by a new Volvo Penta 2020 engine last spring. The installation was not easy. Still there is a serious problem left. Seawater dribbles back into cylinders from the exhaust pipe. Motor cannot be started again after a short break, as water in the cylinders does not allow pistons to move. The input of the additional waterlock is on the same level as the exhaust manifold. And there is no space to get the waterlock into lower level. It is a 'horizontal' type waterlock, and it is on the propeller shaft as low as possible. There is no manifold riser available from Volvo for this engine type. The boat has been now three times at the PENCENTRA - Volvo Penta dealer in Helsinki, but so far Volvo has not found any solution to the problem. Have anybody wrestled with a similar problem, any solutions available? To those who are considering a new diesel engine into a Vindo, some more comments. A mechanically suitable new engine is difficult to find for an old-fashioned sailing boat like Vindo. There is clearly a risk to select an engine as there is no way to be sure beforehand if the engine fits into it's place or not. The aft in Vindo is narrow and rises up. The space around the rear of the engine is very limited. Even if Volvo sells plug and play installation accessories, they do not fit into Vindo 32. Main dimensions of new engines are smaller compared with older ones. However the balance wheel in all new engines (Volvo, Vetus, Yanmar etc.) is moved to back. Due to this the rear of the engine is broader than in the old one. Lombardini is the narrowest but motor holds are far too high. In case of my Vindo 32, the rear of the motor bed was clipped to get more space in between and to get the engine into a low enough position. After the bed modification there is now 20 mm space around the balance wheel capsule! Still the water pipes of the coupling device needed to be done in a workshop to get them fit. In long direction there is as well 20 mm space towards the saloon stairs. So Volvo MD2020 fits just after modifications. If there will be a solution to the waterlock problem, Volvo 2020 is a possible solution for Vindo 32. I have not evaluated if the exhaust manifold is on higher level in other engines, as I recognized the water problem during my sailing holiday. As well Volvo approved the installation in spring. I hope some of the readers can get some help about this story. At least I was far too 'blue-eyed' last January, there are many things which can go wrong.
Best regards

Harri Korpela, Espoo Finland


Jan Nasmark, Stockholm, wants to buy a Vindo 40 for a German friend, who owns a Vindo 28. Offers can be mailed via Karl Fredriksson.


Joachim Melles wants to buy a used Vindö 995 MS, designed by Lennart Sandell and built by Bengt Isaksson AB. Can anybody help him? If you don't know what type of boat it is take a look at some drawings.

Email: Joachim.Melles@t-online.de




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