Vindo Picture Gallery no II


Karl's first trip this year, 1998. This is the island of Hjalton. It's not my boat, but another one just like it. .

Two friends, who also like to anchor there. The boats are of the old west coast type "Koster".

In the evening we had a barbecue on the beach. It was quite cold.

There is a lot of room for anchoring boats.

Next day I sailed out to the straits of "Nordströmmarna". This is entrance called "Lökskären".

This is a very narrow passage called "Råberget", where you don't want to meet the passenger vessel "Byfjorden". Fortunately she always sends a warning on the VHF, before she comes.



Now we're coming up to Bassholmen, where a lot of old boats are moored.

Out on the fjord Gullmaren I met a Vindo 50 setting sails.

She is on her way, but a Vindo 40 is faster.

Now I can see the open sea. This is one of my favorite cliffs at the coast.

On my way home to Uddevalla I passed the Vindo yard as usual. This is what it looks like now a days.

There are a lot of Vindo boats there, but the don't build any.

 Only 3 M to go to get home I took a look at the building site of the bridge over the fjord outside Uddevalla. The name of the fjord is Byfjorden.

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Updated 2003-12-14