Vindo Picture Gallery no I


A Swedish Vindo 40 in Kristianopel harbor at he Swedish east coast south of the town of Kalmar

A Swedish Vindo 50 rigged as a sloop

This is what Mike Kelly sees, when he takes his eyes from the horizon in Alaska

This is what Mike Kelly sees, when he takes a walk on his deck

This is the interior of Mike's boat

This is a very special place for Karl Fredriksson and his family. They go here every summer. It's the channel between the Koster islands near the Norwegian border.

"This is not my boat", says Sven Gullman, "but I'll send picture of it to you next week"

This is not Sven Gullman boat either, but he was kind enough to send me the picture

These are real nice pictures showing what a Vindo could look like

This is from the inside

If you want to have a closer look, just click here

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