Repairs on Tucana

Joe Murli has sent me pictures of one of two repairs that he is undertaking this winter on Tucana. Water has entered under this side board and he is replacing it. The pictures show the process that he used to make a template of the side contoure of the board. He removed the board and found that it was partially rotted underneath. He will send more pictures as the repair progresses. 


The pictures below outline how the corner molds were constructed and how the mahogany was cut into thin sheets that will eventually be molded into the shape of the corners.

So far I've completed the glue up of all four corners and installed the first corner on the forward starboard side.  It's was a bit tense at first but the piece fit perfectly when I was done!  One thing was dissapointing in that the original construction method did not thoroughly bed the wood covering on the fiberglass structure. This air gap allowed water to collected behing the wood and eventually cause the rot that needed repair. Can anyone recomend the proper bedding compound to use under the new corners?

The repairs on Tucana are complete!  All four corners and a long board on the starboard side has been replaced.  The entire cabin house was striped and sanded down to bare wood.  New stain was applied and I'm now starting the varnishing.  I can't believe it's almost done, there were several times when I thought I would not finish it or it wouldn't come out right but now I'm glad I did the project.




Last update 2003-12-14