Tomita was built in 1986 and, with a sail no. of 105, is probably one of the last Vindo 45`s  to be built at Henan.  She was originally supplied to the then Vindo agent in the United Kingdom, Tollesbury Marine, who were based on the east coast of England. As they, also, are no longer in existence, little is known of the original owner. However, the original name of the vessel was "Saremzy" and remained that until 1995 when it was changed to her existing name. She certainly spent the earlier years of her life on the South West coast of England, particularly in Salcombe. She was sold in 1990 and over the next few years had no less than three further owners until 1996 when we found and fell in love with her.  She had been renamed "Tomita" by the owner directly before us, and Tomita she has stayed


Although she had been lightly used since new, she appeared to have been somewhat neglected over the years and was in need of some care and attention.  The previous owner before us had begun the process of restoring her and over the last few years we have continued to spend a lot of time, hard work and lots of money to bring her back to the condition she deserves.  She attracts admiration wherever we go, particularly in England and France where a Vindo, and particularly a 45, is a very rare sight. In fact, over the last 4 years we have only seen one other Vindo 45 on our travels.


This winter we have committed what many owners may regard as sacrilege and converted her so that all halyards and reefing lines are led back to the cockpit.  We have not yet had the opportunity to test the new system but we are hopeful of having a safer and more comfortable season this year.


In April, Tomita will start her summer wanderings and is looking forward to a to a leisurely cruise down to South Brittany and we have promised that we will go with her.  Please wave if you see us.


John McQuade




Updated 2003-12-14