Homepage of S/Y Pia II, Vindo 40 no 282

Her data

Type Vindo


Sail no





30' 8''


7' 8''


24' 7''


4' 8''


8830 lb


43750 lb

Sail Area





Volvo Penta MD 2 B, 25 hp


My wife, kids and I sailed our new boat home from the island of Hono in the archipelago of Goteborg one evening in September in the year of 1988. We managed to reach Utkaften, a natural harbor south of the town of Marstrand at that first night in a terrible weather. After landing there, we concluded that we had got an enormous boat compared to Pia I, which was a H­boat. We built that boat ourselves in 1971, and for all these years we had squeezed ourselves into it and enjoyed it.

Nine years later I can see, that Pia II, exactly as her predecessor the homemade H-boat never will be completed. Every year there is a new project of renovation on hand.

Were did we sail to these eight summers? Our home waters are situated in a triangle with Uddevalla in the east, Vasholmarna in the west and Koster in the north. Almost every year we have found ourselves at the Norwegian Sorlandet too. One summer the weather was so bad, that we sailed by the Gota Kanal to Norrkoping to allow the kids to see their grandma there. The longest trip was to Kiel in Germany one summer, when we didn't have any wind a single day. It was a remarkable experience to go down to Skane along the West coast of Sweden and then explore the Danish islands and the northern coast of Germany.

Every time that we have come back to our beloved Bohuslan after a trip to foreign waters we have asked ourselves: Why didn't we stay here. We have got everything here. We could have stayed for weeks at Hjalton and gone swimming every day in the Paradise Bay and gathered chantarelles too. But the next year we always long for more distant places.

If you see Pia II in the summertime, please call on VHF channel 16. My call sign is SA 4492. Perhaps you have an old Vindo yourself. Send a mail to removekarl@vindonet.com without the word "remove". Then we can talk about the possibilities to keep such an old lady in shape without bankruptcy. Perhaps you want to join the VindoNet?