Summer of 1997 in pictures

Captain's log 970628:

Pia II left her moorings after the rain that day. Onboard were three human and three four legged sailors. We were going north for Norway, and we had three weeks of boat life ahead of us.

To me it's the best moment of the entire year. What the Akitas were thinking, when the picture was taken, you never can tell.



Captain's log 970630:

Now we had reached the open sea a bit north of the town of Lysekil. The weather was fine and the wind was very weak.

Our diesel took care of the problem, and we went on northwards. Of course we had to stop for a swim from a lot of our favorite islands along the way.

At this island we evidently had a problem holding the camera straight. 



Captain's log 970701:

Pia II has reached her paradise archipelago of Koster. We had a couple of days on the two main Koster islands and among the small ones. We visited the town of Stromstad to get some supplies before we took the leap over to Norway.



Captain's log 970704:

Pia II in Mellsonvika at last. The Norwegians were extremely nice to us, and they gave us a mooring place for free. We stayed there for a whole week, and we made new friends. Kjell and Jorun if you see this, please send us a mail. We will never forget your hospitality and your lovely dinner.



Captain's log 970712:

After nearly a whole week of agility trial at Mellsonvika Eva and Nina finally did it. You can see them on the price stand with the Swedish flag being very proud over their third price in the contest that day.

Our time in Norway was soon over, and we had to set course for more southern waters.



Captain's log 970718:

On our way home we happened to call our old friends near Orn on the cell phone. They have a summer house by a fjord inside Kungshamn. To get there we had pass a lot of shallow waters and we couldn't reach the shore. We had to anchor in the middle of the strait as you can see. The picture is taken from their house, and they threw a really nice party for us. Thanks a lot, Ola and Gunilla.



Captain's log 971209:

Our family trip was over 970719. After that I sailed single handed for a few weeks together with other boats. Once I ended up in Skagen, Denmark, all by my self. That night I really missed my family.

When I look out the window, I can see the view on the picture. Our boat is standing in the back yard, waiting for new adventures.

Next summer we'll go to Granna through the Gota Kanal. Pia II will love the sweet water of the lake Vanern I hope.