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My interests



My interests





Sail boat Pia I

My first sail boat, a H-båt, with sail no S 38, built 1971.  



Sail boat Pia II  

A Vindo 40 from the year 1975, with sail no S 282. We bought her in september 1988.

    Sail boat Pia III   A Viggen made in 1975, with sail no 1005, bought in februari 2009.
    The dinghy Hulda A present from my parents in 1957. One of the oldest plastic boats i Sweden. Dinghy is "jolle" in Swedish.
Summer at sea 1997 A story in pictures inspired by Star Treck about a trip to Norway.
Summer at sea 1998 A story with pictures about a trip on Gota Kanal and to Norway,
Summer at sea 1999 A story with pictures about a trip to Norway with two women, two dogs and a little baby .


A site I started in 1998 for people all over the world who like Vindo boats. Grahame Hill in the UK will be the new webmaster. The new address is: www.vindonet.org.uk

    Old VindoNet pages The old pages will remain on the server, but they will not be updated.




    My job:  



Law studies in Lund

This house reminds me of the law institution in Lund. A link to the university of Lund.



The Uddevalla Office

My place of work for 18 years.



The Vänersborg Office

Four years as head of the office.



The Uddevalla office again

Thoughts about my return to Uddevalla and about my retirement.

    Our dogs  




Sarah left us as early as  2001. She was one of the largest Akita Inu bitches in Sweden.




Nina was a extremely kind agility dog. She was a crossbreed betweeen Golden Retriever och Berner Sennen.




Shiro means white in Japanese. She was wery small and Sarah was her aunt. She was a very good watch dog.
Lisa Our Labrador Retriever, born 2009-04-26, as one of 10 puppies.













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